What is called Walkins?

walkins There are many companies around you who feel scheduling an interview is very difficult when they have lot of requirements. So, they call it as walk in and any body could attend the interview. In simple its with out invitation letter you could go for an interview.

Is attending walk in is better?                                                                                                                            I personally feel the walk ins are much better than invitation based interview. The whole interview happens on one day and so the results are expected very quickly. Also, you can attend more number of interview, and you get more experience in attending the interview.

What is the difference between walk in interviews and invited interview?

  1. If it is a walk in then number of people will be more who are attending the interview when compared to invitation.
  2. Walkins will be conducted only when they have large number of requirements
  3. Interviews and decisions will be mostly taken on the same day


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